Diffraction project datasets setdb1_x245981_6bhh

Project details

Title Crystal structure of SETDB1 with a modified H3 peptide
Authors Jurkowska, R.Z., Qin, S., Kungulovski, G., Tempel, W., Liu, Y., Bashtrykov, P., Stiefelmaier, J., Jurkowski, T.P., Kudithipudi, S., Weirich, S., Tamas, R., Wu, H., Dombrovski, L., Loppnau, P., Reinhardt, R., Min, J., Jeltsch, A.
R / Rfree 0.19 / 0.24
Unit cell edges [Å] 37.80 x 71.80 x 52.54
Unit cell angles [°] 90.0, 104.4, 90.0

Dataset jg405chi0_####.osc details

Number of frames 180 (1 - 180)
Distance [mm] 120.0
Oscillation width [°] 1.00
Wavelength [nm] 1.54178
Experiment Date 2013-12-10
Equipment HOME_SOURCE at HOME_SOURCE (Home Source)