Diffraction project datasets SMYD2_6cby

Project details

Title Crystal structure of human SET and MYND Domain Containing protein 2 with MTF9975
Authors ZENG, H., DONG, A., Hutchinson, A., Seitova, A., TATLOCK, J., KUMPF, R., OWEN, A., TAYLOR, A., Casimiro-Garcia, A., Bountra, C., Arrowsmith, C.H., Edwards, A.M., BROWN, P.J., WU, H., Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC)
R / Rfree 0.20 / 0.26
Unit cell edges [Å] 57.82 x 117.58 x 65.01
Unit cell angles [°] 90.0, 92.4, 90.0

Dataset x257411_#####.cbf details

Number of frames 300 (1 - 300)
Distance [mm] 419.9
Oscillation width [°] 1.00
Wavelength [Å] 0.97891
Experiment Date 2016-12-16
Equipment 19-ID at APS (Advanced Photon Source)