Diffraction project datasets 4g67

  • Method: Molecular Replacement
  • Resolution: 1.8 Å
  • Space group: P 21 21 21
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Project details

Title Crystal structure of a COG1565 superfamily member and likely methyl transferase from Burkholderia thailandensis bound to S-adenosyl-homocysteine
Authors Baugh, L., Gallagher, L.A., Patrapuvich, R., Clifton, M.C., Gardberg, A.S., Edwards, T.E., Armour, B., Begley, D.W., Dieterich, S.H., Dranow, D.M., Abendroth, J., Fairman, J.W., Fox, D., Staker, B.L., Phan, I., Gillespie, A., Choi, R., Nakazawa-Hewitt, S., Nguyen, M.T., Napuli, A., Barrett, L., Buchko, G.W., Stacy, R., Myler, P.J., Stewart, L.J., Manoil, C., Van Voorhis, W.C.
R / Rfree 0.16 / 0.20
Unit cell edges [Å] 45.63 x 74.55 x 111.79
Unit cell angles [°] 90.0, 90.0, 90.0

Dataset xgv5-2_1_###.img details

Number of frames 150 (1 - 150)
Distance [mm] 270.0
Oscillation width [°] 1.00
Wavelength [Å] 0.97741
Experiment Date 2012-07-13
Equipment 5.0.1 at ALS (Advanced Light Source)